Tom Barton (voice & live looping+effects) & Diego Villalta (guitar)


Barton and Villalta have made an album that contrasts a becalmed inner world with the chaos and beauty of the world that they see around them. That they have managed this in such a melodic and engrossing way suggests a greater constancy to jazz’s restless spirit than any number of aspirational takes on the ‘Great American Songbook’ … Highly recommended.

Phil Barnes

All About Jazz

Barton and Villalta have certainly produced a work of contraries and anyone with an open mind and two receptive ears should welcome this brave, sensitive and not infrequently brilliant music.

Roger Farbey

All About Jazz


Tom Barton (voice & live looping+effects)

feat. Stephen Magnusson (guitar), Philip Rex (acoustic bass), Andy Sugg (tenor & soprano saxophone), Joe O’Connor (piano), Pete Evans (drums) & Georgie Darvidis (voice).

Nominated for Best Vocal Album – Bell Awards 2015

A breakthrough in leading-edge jazz vocals … This album heralds the arrival of a unique new talent in Australian jazz vocals. ★★★★☆

John McBeath

The Weekend Australian

Electronic and acoustic thoughts merge and co-exist beautifully, improvisational elements are born around concrete expressions, and in the middle of it all sits Barton, putting his poetry in motion with beautifully clear-headed vocals.

Dan Bilawsky

All About Jazz

It’s work that demands your attention, but in the most unassuming, refreshing manner possible. Barton’s mastery and marrying of so many genres really is a gift to behold.

Lucy Rash